Streaming TV

Did you know you CAN quit cable?


Our High-Speed Internet will enable you to stream your TV shows and save you money!

Introductory rates

Constant Negotiations


No More Cable Box

No More Monthly Rental


There are on Demand and Live Streaming options which you can cancel and restart anytime without contracts or penalties.
In other words you can subscribe to follow a particular show and then cancel your subscription after the finale!

Call us for an appointment to come in and see our streaming set-up and test it out!

It’s easier than you think, and you may already have what you need…

First: Select your service, or services.

A good place to start is in thinking about what you actually watch?
Local Channels, Sports, Series, Movies?

Create an account directly with one of these

Streaming Services

  • Netflix
    • $ 9–16 Monthly
      • 1 Month Free Trial
      • Multiple accounts under subscription
      • No local channels

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  • Hulu
    • $ 6-45 Monthly
      • Includes local channels Fox, NBC
      • 1 Month Free Trial
      • 1 Year discounted

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  • Sling
    • $ 15-25 Monthly
      • 7 Days Free Trial
      • Free Roku included
      • No local channels

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  • AT&T TV Now
    • $ 55-80 Monthly
      • Includes local channels ABC, CBS, NBC
      • 1 Week Free Trial
      • Includes Cloud DVR

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  • YouTubeTV
    • $ 65 Monthly
      • Includes local channels CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, CW, Sports
      • Allows for up to 6 accounts under subscription
      • Includes Cloud DVR

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  • Amazon Prime
    • $ $119 yearly
      • One month free trial
      • Included with Prime free shipping
      • No local channels

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Second: Select your device.

You will need a device to watch your subscriptions.
Smart TVs, Game Consoles or Blu-ray Players can have apps installed for streaming.

Your other option is to buy a new streaming device:

$ 30 and up
Apple TV
$ 30 and up
Amazon Fire Stick
$ 40 and up

Do you only watch local channels and don’t want to pay monthly?

Digital Antenna
Reception varies widely – live-only viewing – unless you use a DVR
$ 40 and up