Our local telephone service provides reliable, crystal clear calls inside a large calling area.
With local customer service to provide help if needed.

Dial tone when power is out

Reliable 911

Local customer service and trouble support

Numerous custom calling features

Money saving bundles

For more information on local phone service please contact the Business Office at 518-887-2121 or by email.


Line Access
(dial tone) Includes unlimited local calling to Albany, Amsterdam, Colonie, Schenectady and Scotia
$ 23.00 Monthly
Wire Maintenance
Wire Maintenance covers all telephone inside wire and telephone jacks. Should you have trouble with your own telephone set, we will provide a loaner telephone set to you free of charge for 30 days. It is optional and can be discontinued at any time.
$ 1.95 Monthly
Vacant Rate
Temporarily suspend your service for 2-6 months, no monthly charge or reinstallation charge.
$ 37.00 One Time
Phone Rental
$ 2.30 Monthly
Reconnect Charge
$ 21.00 One time

Installation Charge

$65.00 + tax


$55.00 + tax


$50.00 + tax


$20.00 + tax
Premise visit


Non-Premise visit


1st jack location


per additional jack location

Additional Charges





$ .35
Subscriber Line Charge imposed by the FCC


Federal Universal Service Charge


E-911 charge