Telephone Service

Line Access
(dial tone) Includes unlimited local calling to Albany, Amsterdam, Colonie, Schenectady and Scotia
$ 23.00 Monthly
Wire Maintenance
Wire Maintenance covers all telephone inside wire and telephone jacks. Should you have trouble with your own telephone set, we will provide a loaner telephone set to you free of charge for 30 days. It is optional and can be discontinued at any time.
$ 1.95 Monthly
Vacant Rate
Temporarily suspend your service for 2-6 months, no monthly charge or reinstallation charge.
$ 37.00 One Time
Phone Rental
$ 2.30 Monthly
Reconnect Charge
$ 21.00 One time

Installation Charge

$65.00 + tax


$55.00 + tax


$50.00 + tax


$20.00 + tax
Premise visit


Non-Premise visit


1st jack location


per additional jack location

Additional Charges





$ .35
Subscriber Line Charge imposed by the FCC


Federal Universal Service Charge


E-911 charge