Instructions for Custom Calling

Call Waiting

Informs you that another party is trying to call you while you are engaged in a telephone conversation with a beep tone.


  1. If you hear the beep tone and want to end the original conversation hang up and the phone will ring with the second party.
  2. To put the first party on hold to answer the second call depress & release the switchhook quickly. To alternate between parties, depress and release the switchhook once for each transfer. Each conversation is completely private.
  3. To end a call at anytime just have the person hang up and transfer like you normally would.

Call Forwarding

Your calls can be forwarded to any number. Toll rates will apply on calls forwarded to numbers outside your local calling area.


  1. Dial 72# and wait for dial tone.
  2. Dial the number that your calls will be forwarded to. You will hear 3 short tones and then ringing. The number you will forward your calls to is being called. Call Forwarding is automatically in effect.
  3. To cancel Call Forwarding, dial 73#. You will hear 3 beeps and then dial tone indicating Call Forwarding has been cancelled.