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Area Code Overlay Approved for the New York 518 Area Code

Beginning March 18, 2017, customers placing calls within the 518 area code region may dial the customary 7 digits or may dial 10 digits (518 + 7 digits). This permissive dialing period will end August 19, 2017, at which time, all calls made within area code 518 must be placed using the 10 digit telephone number (518 plus the 7 digit telephone number).

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DSL and Internet Service

PTC Connect is a subsidiary of Pattersonville Telephone Company and provides Internet service via high-speed modems or dialup connections.

Make Life Easier, You Deserve It. 

Make paying your phone bill easier by setting up automated payments with your Credit/Debit MasterCard or Visa. 

Pattersonville Telephone Company will process your payment automatically by the 15th of every month - never pay late fees again.

Credit Card Payments are accepted on all Pattersonville Telephone Company and PTC Connect Internet accounts.

To take advantage of this free service, simply call 887-2121

Telephone Service

Pattersonville Telephone Company provides local service in the 518-887 calling areas of Pattersonville, Rotterdam Junction and Glenville. Enhance your communications with a wide array of Custom Calling Features available for your telephone. 

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Service Issues

Please report any service issues with telephone, DSL or Internet by calling 518-887-2121 or stopping by our business office during normal business hours.  Please do not submit service issues by email.

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