Custom Calling Features

Bundle two or more Custom Calling Features together and get a 20% discount.

•    Caller ID and Name: $5.75/ month- Know who is calling before you answer the phone by getting the name and number of your caller on a Call ID box. Choose Call Waiting feature and you will also see who is calling while your on the line.

•    Voice Mail: $4.85/month or Free with DSL- Our voice mail system will answer your calls whether your out, on the another call or just unavailable. The system will alert you that a voicemail has been taken when you pick up the handset. You can then immediately access your messages by dialing #40. Click here for more detailed instructions.

•    Call Waiting: $4.89/month- Call waiting gives you the peace of mind that you or anyone else can talk on the phone without the worry of missing a call. If you prefer not to be interrupted during a important call you can simply cancel call waiting. Click here for instructions.

•    International Call Blocking: N/C- This feature blocks all calls made to international locations dialed using the prefix 011.

•    Full Blocking: N/C- This feature blocks outgoing calls to "pay per call" prefixes including 900, 976, 700, 650, 646, 550, 540, 463.

•    Per Call Blocking: N/C- This feature allows you to keep your name and number from appearing on the call id box of the person you are calling. This also prevents the called party from using call return to return your call automatically. This feature will not work when placing calls to 911, 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 900 numbers. There is a one time charge of $5.00 to add this feature.

•    All Call Blocking: N/C- This feature prevents your name and number from appearing on the call id box of the person you are calling on every call except to 911, 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 900 numbers. Want your number to appear on a call id box? Simply dial *82 to turn off all call block before dialing. There is a one time charge of $5.00 to add this feature.

•    Call Return: $3.18/month- This feature allows you to return the call you just missed. This low monthly rate allows you to use this feature whenever you feel it necessary. Give yourself peace of mind knowing you don't have to stop what your doing or race to the phone. When used in conjunction with Call ID, you know whose call your returning. *69 activates Call Return, *86 deactivates the call return after you have used *69.

•    Repeat Dialing: $3.18/month- If the line you are calling is busy, let this feature do the work for you. Repeat dialing will continue to try calling a party for 30 minutes. If the call gets through, a distinctive ring will alert you to the call. *66 activates the Repeat Dialing, *86 deactivates the repeat dialing after you have started it.

•    Call Forwarding: N/C- Don't wait at home by the phone for an important call anymore. Have the all your calls forwarded to you wherever you go. Call forward means your phone can be answered from anywhere. Just activate it before leaving the house and answer the calls from your destination's line or your cell phone. Click here for instructions.

•    Three-Way Calling: N/C- Talk to multiple people from your home phone. Great for home office conference calling. Click here for instructions.

•    Distinctive Ring: $6.47/month- Your single line can have up to two additional telephone numbers. Each with its own ring. Enabling you to know which number has been called. Assign a distinct number for your children or home office.

•    Call Transfer: $1.52/month- This feature allows you to leave a three-way call and not disconnect the other callers. Normally when you activate a three-way call and hang up, the other parties are disconnected as well.

•    Speed Calling: $4.00 or $6.38/month- Choose 8 or 30 (depending on plan) of your most frequently called and emergency numbers and enjoy the ease of dialing only a few digits. Click here for instructions.

•    Intercom Calling: $1.52/month- No more yelling out to the garage or up the stairs. Just call the other on hook phones with this feature. Click here for instructions.

•    Call Trace: $2.12/each trace- Call trace records the last incoming call's number when you dial *57. You will get a conformation tone that your number, the caller's number and the time of day were successfully recorded. We cannot give you the caller's number when you use call trace. This information can only be released to Law Enforcement agencies. Contact the business office for further information. This feature is billed on a per use basis. You will receive a fast busy tone if the trace was unsuccessful and you will not be charged. Only recorded traces are billable.

•    Call Origination: $2.50/month- This feature allows you to have a telephone number programmed to be called by knocking the receiver of the hook if you are unable to dial.

•    Toll/Code Restriction: $3.75- This feature allows the telephone company to block calls to certain customer specified local or long distance telephone numbers inside or whole area codes.

•    Remote Call Forwarding: This service allows you to have a directory number forwarded to another phone number automatically. This can be helpful if you have to move or want to extend your business coverage without building branch office, or forward to a cellphone and never miss a call again.

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