• High speed always-on connection. 

• Four-port wireless modem or single-port modem. $2.50 monthly rental or $98.00 to purchase.

• Free installation.

• Up to Three Emails address per account. 

• Webmail- allows you to check your email anytime anywhere. 

• 25 Megabytes of web space. 



• What is DSL?

PTC Connect offers a type of DSL called Asymmetrical DSL, or ADSL. By using ADSL, PTC Connect can provision different "downstream" and "upstream" rates on the same telephone line. That is, PTC Connect can set a user's downstream (ISP to customer's computer) rate at one speed and set the upstream (customer's computer to ISP) rate at another speed. Since most users download more data than they upload, the downstream rates are generally higher than the upstream rates (although they can be the same).

• How does DSL compare to cable modems?

Cable modems offer service over a shared cable. Hundreds, and possibly thousands, of users may be connected to the same local cable line. DSL technology provides a dedicated service over an existing local connection to the Pattersonville Telephone Company Central Office. This means that you don't have to share your local access connection with other users. 

• What affects my connection speed?

When you connect to the Internet using a DSL modem, the speeds that you will experience will vary based on a variety of factors, including the following:

      Length of your telephone line

      Condition of telephone wiring inside and outside your location

      Computer configuration

      Network or Internet congestion

      Server and router speeds of the Web sites you access

      Other factors

Connection speed is the speed that data is transferred between your computer and the Pattersonville Telephone Company Central Office during your initial connection to the DSL network. Throughput speed (also called download speed) refers to the rate that information is transferred from the Internet to your computer. It is the speed at which you receive data. Examples of receiving or downloading are reading a Web page, downloading a program, or receiving e-mail. No DSL service (or cable service) can guarantee a particular throughput speed. Send speed (also called upload speed) refers to the rate that information is transferred from your computer to the Internet. Examples of sending or uploading are sending e-mail or sending files. 

• What equipment do I need to get DSL?: 

Most computers are already equipped for DSL. A network interface card (NIC) or a wireless adapter and an active phone line from Pattersonville Telephone Company is all you need. We provide a DSL modem and installation of a dedicated jack (an inside wire that runs directly to the modem location) as part of our service.

• How secure is my DSL connection?: 

From a security perspective, DSL (and cable modem) networks are not very different from analog modem-based dial-up networks. They connect customers to ISPs and the Internet using IP as their network protocol. However, DSL and cable modems are more attractive than dial-up connections to hackers for the same reasons that make them more attractive to customers. The ease of connection and available bandwidth of these networks often results in customers staying online much longer, making them more vulnerable to attack attempts. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to improve the security of your DSL connection, such as firewall software. PTC Connect's DSL modem comes with firewall software already installed. However, you may want to install additional firewall and antivirus software on your PC.

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