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Pattersonville Telephone Company was started as an experiment in 1900, when John Ennis and Frank Patterson strung a line between their homes to test "the gadget" that by then was common to urban business establishments. However, this "gadget" was still an obscure novelty to rural areas.

Location of original Telephone office and current location of one remote locations to better serve high speed internet.

The community doctor and grocery store were next to connect. The company was on its way. For 75 cents a month you could connect to the single wire, multiple party telephone system. A single wire went from one subscriber to the next, with a grounding system to complete the circuit. The company was the incorporated in 1902. Messrs. Ennis and Patterson served as officers until they retired in 1940.The single wire was gone by 1910. Pattersonville connected with another independent company serving Amsterdam. This partnership only lasted a short time.  That is until arrangements were made with the American Telephone and Telegraph Company to carry out-of-town calls. By this time rates had increased to $1.50 per month, a rate that did not change until the 1940's. 

On December 6, 1942 Pattersonville Telephone Company moved to its current location in Rotterdam Jct. This marked the cut-over to the first "modern" dial equipment outside the city of Schenectady. During the first 18 hours, more than 8,000 outgoing calls were made by 300 subscribers.


Another remote building located on McDougall Road.

Although Pattersonville Telephone Company is a very small independent we have always strived to be a front runner in the industry. In the 1950's the company was approved for 1 of only 3 loans approved by the Rural Electric Administration in New York State . Local Calling to Schenectady was also established in 1952 and was expanded to include Amsterdam in 1961. By this time the rural lines were reduced from 10 to 5 subscribers per line. In 1963 the company was granted a radio license agreement by the Federal Communications Commission to operate a two way radio system. By November of that same year, direct radio paging and two way radio communications were established in the Capital District. As technology improved so did our services. In 1987 we cut over to a digital switch allowing customers access to custom calling features and increased transmission quality.

Entering the 21st century did not end Pattersonville's efforts to provide quality, advanced services. In 2000 we began offering dial-up internet service and through the installation of remote locations and an abundance of Fiber Optic cables, by 2002 DSL was offered to many of our subscribers. 

As Pattersonville Telephone Company looks into the future we see endless opportunities to better serve our customers. Through the use of new technologies and our dedication to superior customer service, we intend to do just that.

One of the very few working Telephone booths left in all of New York State was retired in the summer of 2010.

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